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November 2016

Picture Books

There were going to be four Fearless books, but Sarah Davies decided she didn't want to do a fourth one. So I wrote and illustrated another book about a different dog who is called Stanley.

I am just about to start the pictures for a new picture book about two dogs called called OLD. I think by the time that's finished, I'll have probably done enough books about dogs.

I'm also working on a new picture book called The Corner of My Eye which will have very detailed illustrations like my earlier picture books and my jigsaws puzzles.  I'm not sure when that be out because the detailed stuff takes a long time to do.


I am just startting a series of three novels - at least I think I there will only be three - called THE MOTES and I still keep thinking I'd like to write some more FLOODS novels with Betty Flood all grown up while Nerlin and Mordonna sit in ther corner dribbling and talking to their shadows who will probably answer them back.


I haven't got any books with other people planned at the moment, because I'm too busy doing my own stuff and more jigsaw puzzles.



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