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Wallace This is Wallace (1978 - 1990) - probably the most wonderful dog in the world and one of the stars of Sid The Mosquito. He was so strong that I could sit on a plastic bag and he could drag me across the lawn with his teeth. Yet he was the most loving and gentle of dogs even if we did sometimes have to put visiting children in cardboard boxes to save them from being licked to death.

He lived with us from eight weeks old until he was twelve and a half. He has appeared in almost all my pictures books and will probably continue to do so.

Curled up next to Wallace is Rosie the star of The Paperbag Prince.

This is Belle (1990 - 2001) - also probably the most wonderful dog in the world if not the most stupid. In the photo we're on the pond at the bottom of my old garden in England. Belle loved sitting in the boat staring into the water which sometimes led to her falling into the water too. She is the most affectionate dog I have ever met. It's a scientific fact that stroking a dog slows down your heart and helps you relax. Belle can do this so well that she can make you fall asleep.For some reason she keeps appearing in my picture books flying in a hot-air balloon. I just hope she doesn't fall out of that. Belle
This is Charlie who first appeared in The Tower To The Sun. He must have had a cold when I took this photo, that would explain why he's got a whole box of tissues. He's grown up a bit now he's eight, but he still likes to play. He was 12 at thebeginning of 2007 and went blind nearly 4 years ago - Still thinks he's top dog though.
Bonnie And this is Bonnie just after she came to live with us. She is nearly eleven now and has grown quite a bit since then. She is the most talkative dog I've ever owned and also naughtiest. She has been in training and made her first book appearance in The Last Alchemist.

And this is Webster, the world's largest cat.
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