This is your page. If you have drawn a picture or written a story or a poem based on something in one of my books, you can email it to me and it might end up on this page. But do remember I get lots of stuff sent to me so there won't be room for everything you send.

Here is an excellent alternative cover for THE FLOODS 4 - SURVIVOR by Hannah who is 10 and comes from Australia I've got a daughter called Hannah who isn't and doesn't.

Here is a very attractive picture of Mordonna from THE FLOODS by Hannah Purser who is 6 and, as you can see, knows ALL about being beautiful just like Mordonna herself does!


This wonderful cake was inspired by ony of the pictures in my book CASTLES it was made by Elliot Ferris's grandmother for his birthday in Somerset, England. Now I've got to go and eat some chocolate!!

This poem inspired by The Violin Man was written by Saskia Leibowitz from Queensland, Australia

This picture was drawn by Noah

These two models have been inspired by two of my illustrations from Pictures Of Home. They were made by Pam Junk-Knapp a miniaturist who lives in the U.S.A.

This picture is from Dean Linnard who lives in Berkeley, California. U.S.A.

Here are some poems from Narranga Primary School, Australia

I had a little pet
A flea called spider
One night it jumped
In my Mum's tea and
Ended up inside her.
Ashley H.

I had a little pet
Who is as smart as smart can be.
The only problem is,
He thinks he is smarter than me.
Sarah Mawby

I had a little pet
A ginger cat called Vi
One day she played a football match
And scored a tricky try.
Nick Somers

I had a little pet
It was a dog called Rose
She went down to Fashion Fair
To walk around and pose.

This picture is from Astrid and Jonatan Ardensten in Sweden

This picture of 'The Paradise Garden' is by Xanthea Lavery of Narranga P.S. Australia

Here are some poems from Tyalla Primary School, Australia

I had a little pet
A monkey we called Sam
The monkey was a thief.
He stole a frying pan.

Sam stole a door
From off a lion's cage.
So Sam stole no more.
He was eaten in a rage
Samantha Mackay

I had a great big pet
His name was Rohan Laverty
He fell off a cliff
And demonstrated gravity.
Jason Cruickshanks

I had a little pet
A spaniel known as Spot
He ate and drank all day long
And now he's skinny, not!
Stonee Gannon

This picture of 'The Paradise Garden' is by Joshua Dootson of Narranga P.S. Australia

And how about this amazing poem by Patrick Edsall from Bellingen Primary School which includes most of my books!!

If I Lived Forever!!!!!

If I could live forever
I'd build a tower to the sun
I'd use lots of different building tools
(I think it would be fun)
First I'd stack the bookshelf
(its books are mighty thick)
And next to it the Honda
And the dog that's just been sick!
On top of that the staircase
And that staircase loving cat
Behind that there's the garden
Where trees and flowers are at
On the bookshelf there would sit
Both Venus and Attilla
They're really, really, really small
But they're an ant and a caterpillar
Above them is a sailing ship
Held up by a submarine
And next to that a juggler
Who's full of self esteem
On the Honda there's a Prince
Who wears a paperbag
He's holding up a suitcase
That's full of socks that sag
Above that there's a duck
Who's really looking puzzled
And if Sid the Mozzie isn't careful
He'll very soon be guzzled
On top I'll build a castle
That's seven stories high
And a little red biplane
To fly around the sky.

Here is a picture of a Kangeroo by Holly-I-Don't-Know-Your-Surname from Australia

Tim Rhodes, 9 years old
Coutts Crossing Primary School, New South Wales


I`d love to visit the outback
And camp out under the stars
Take photos of all the wildlife
Then kill 'em and stuff 'em in jars!!

Here are two pictures by Rojan Shrestha who comes from Nepal.

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