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Limited Edition Prints

We've now got three limited edition prints and each of them has a special area that can be personalised with your own message.If you click in any of the three images below you'll be able to see the place for your message can go - a child's birthday - a message to a loved one - or something just for yourself.

The prints are on fine art paper using the Giclee printing system which offers far superior quality to traditional litho prints. Even under the best circumstances, litho prints will begin to fade after ten years. Giclee inks are guaranteed for over 40 years.

The print run of each design is limited to 450 numbered and signed copies.

Click on this link 'I would like to buy a print' or the button at the bottom of this page for more information on how to buy a print with Paypal and send us your message.

The Bookshelf from my picture book How To Live Forever

This print is the same size as the original artwork, which is a lot bigger than the image in the book. The picture is 661.5mm x 423mm plus a white border.


The Neverending Library -This is not in a book (yet) but is available as a jigsaw puzzle.

This print is the same size as the Bookshelf.


The Kitchen Cupboard - This is the first of a series of 'cupboards. It's not in a book (yet) but is available as a jigsaw puzzle and Gelaskins.

This print is 770 x 570mm including the white border.

The price for a signed, print including packing and insured airmail delivery anywhere in the world in a rigid postal tube is - Au$475


A lot of people email me asking if they can use the bookshelf image for all sorts of things from web sites to book jackets. Sorry, but for copyright reasons, this is not possible. I'm afraid there are NO exceptions to this rule and please remember that buying a print does not give you the right to copy it in any way at all. Nor can you copy any of these images to use without emailing me and asking first.

UnLimited Edition Prints

These prints are smaller than the Limited Edition prints and also a lot cheaper, but are printed on the same paper using the same system and are still individually signed. Click here to see them.



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