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I was going to make a web site called, but I haven't got enough spare time and someone has already done something like it except they only have bad stuff. So, on this page I'm putting things that I think are brilliant - books, movies, music and anything else I really like. I haven't been paid to rave about this stuff or given any free copies, it's just that with so much rubbish around it's great to find something fabulous now and then. Of course if anyone wants to give me free stuff - go right ahead!

This is the most beautiful animated film I have ever seen. The pictures are simply breathtaking and the story has shows some incredibly original imagination. I've watched it quite a few times and each time I like it as much as the time before.

Rent it or better still buy the DVD.

There was a trailer on Apple's web site, but the day after I posted this page it was removed and I can't find one anywhere else.

This is my wonderful coffee machine which I got for my birthday in 2009 - It's a Jura S9. Apart from looking really cool, it makes great coffee. It sits on a trolley in my office and I can turn round in my chair a make a cappucinno with the press of a sigle button!

tivo This is TIVO. In America you have to pay money each month for Tivo. Here in Australia you buy it and you can record programmes or whole series really easily. AND you can press pause if you need to answer the phone and then carry on watching it after you've finished without missing anything. And, unlike Austar, the menu does not look like it was designed in 1950.

bear My office is out in the garden and none of the wi-fi devices I tried - Apple Time Capsule a Netgear router and a Belkin one - would reach it. When I saw the Bear Extender n3 I was very sceptical, but I thought, ‘It’s less than $50 so I might as well try it.’

I plugged it into my old PowerMac and configured it to extend my existing network. I now get a full five bars on my PowerMac and the same on my MacBook Pro. It’s brilliant and does EXACTLY as advertised.

Five Stars for Five Bars!!

As far as I'm concerned this is the best Australian film EVER made.

Like 'Spirited Away' it won a well-deserved Oscar.

Adam Elliot's movie 'Mary and Max is probably the second best Australian film ever made.

This book is fascinating. It's all about the history of Paraguay and when I'd finished reading it, I wanted to go there straight away, except when I though about it, I realised that the history of Paraguay is actually like a cross between Monty Python and Adolf Hitler - weird surrealism crossed with extreme violence.

It was published by Random House UK in 2004 and the ISBN is 0099416557

This is The Best Game Ever and as you can see from the picture it's also on the best console ever which is now the second best console ever since I got my PS4.


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