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The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - 1998


How about this! This is a giant 3D billboard of the cover of How To Live Forever in the prime spot on Sunset Boulevard. Even the hands of the clock were flying round and round. It cost a small fortune to build. Thank you Target. It was certainly the coolest billboard I've ever seen!

As it says on the billboard on the 25th and 26th of April 1998 the third Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was held over two days of perfect weather at U.C.L.A. and my book cover was used as the emblem of the festival. It was fantastic to see my artwork on T shirts, mugs and huge banners, something I'll never forget.

During the two days it was on, the festival had 110,000 visitors.


If you think your relations are strange, how about mine! I wouldn't like to guess what my favourite Aunt, Pamela is trying to look at, and yes. it's true my mother was cloned.

A little while ago my Aunt Ruth sent me an photo album. Until I got this I had only ever seen a few photos of my Dad when taken around the time I was born. This album has photos of my Dad from when he was a baby. I like this one of him on the bumper of his Dad's car with his older brother George because it's like the one of me on my grandfather's car.

And here is the Silver Hugo that I won at Chicago Film Festival way back in 1967 for my film "The Third Ear" when I was a student at The London School of Film Technique

Here are three pictures taken in my garden. The top one is a Rainbow Lorikeet sitting on our bird table. The picture below is a Satin Bowerbird's bower. You can see all the blue plastic things he has collected to decorate his bower to impress his girlfriends.

The picture below is a Tawny Frogmouth which is a bit like a prototype design for an owl. They are very ancient looking animals that you could imagine being here with the dinosaurs. I took this picture one night with a torch clutched between my knees so I could see where it was in the camera's viewfinder

And look who's living in my shed.

And in a gardening shoe by our back door.
And in my peach tree - a brush-tailed possum.

And down the bottom of my garden a family of Water Dragons - Here's Mum. She's about 60cm. long from nose to tail

And here are my daughter Hannah and her partner Mark receiving the top prize in the first Highland Tourism Awards in Scotland. So if you want a great holiday, check out their web site at - http://www.northernlight-uk.com

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