Jigsaw Puzzles

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I am now making Jigsaw Puzzles - mostly for a company called Ravensburger who make the best quality puzzles you can get.

Most of my puzzles are 1000 pieces, though I have made a 5000 piece one which I think is out now or will be very soon. AND I've also made a HUGE 18,000 piece one which will keep you busy for a VERY LONG time!

Here are some of my pictures that are being used for puzzles - there are more than this and more on their way:

And here are some pictures that I've drawn just for jigsaws, though I'm hoping that when I've done enough of them, we might be able to make them into a book too. And talking of books, Ravensburger are going to publish a colouring book call - Colin Thompson's Complicated Colouring Book - more information about that soon.

And here is my 5000 piece puzzle - OUR TOWN

And here is my 18,000 piece puzzle - SHELF LIFE

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